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Helping You Reconnect to the Sounds of Life

Hear what you’ve been missing with hearing aids and other assistive listening devices from Essential Hearing Services in Brantford. Our clinic offers a variety of services from hearing assessments and tests to hearing aid fittings and repairs. We understand that losing your hearing can affect many aspects of your life. Don’t miss those important life moments; let our Hearing Specialists help you find the right hearing aid.

Hear with Clarity

Talk with the Hearing Specialists at Essential Hearing Services in Brantford to assess your hearing and learn about the various solutions available to you.

Living with Hearing Loss

Living with Hearing Loss

Imagine living in a world without sound. See what it’s like.

Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing Aid Technology

We offer hearing instruments and sound systems.

Hearing loss

Signs of Hearing Loss

Take our brief quiz and learn more your condition.

Experienced audiologist measuring the patients auditory acuity with an audiometer

Online Hearing Screener

Take our 3-minute online hearing screener and find out how well you hear.

Book a Consultation

Call today. Our staff are committed to providing you with personalized hearing care. We understand that each person is unique and so too are your hearing problems.

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