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Imagine living in a world without sound. Of the five senses, hearing is probably the most important for helping us connect to the world around us. The sounds of our environment link us to others in a way that vision alone cannot. If those sounds begin to fade, we, unwittingly, begin to retreat into ourselves and subconsciously try to find ways to simply cope.

Hearing loss is the inability to perceive or interpret sound. Although we associate hearing loss with the natural aging process, the truth is that people of all ages are affected. In fact, one in 10 Canadians overall are living with some form of hearing loss.

The Truth about Hearing Loss

Most hearing problems occur so gradually that it can often take years before a person realizes they aren`t hearing properly. Frequently, it goes undetected until it interferes with daily living. It is not the same as listening to sounds with the volume turned down. Instead, there are usually certain sounds or tones that are more difficult to hear than others, such as children and women's voices.

The most important step you can take is to get your hearing evaluated each year to make certain no problems are developing. The fact of the matter is, the sooner a hearing loss is diagnosed, the higher possibility there is for a positive outcome.


Signs of Hearing Loss

If you think you, or someone you know, might have a hearing loss, take our brief quiz:

Do you hear people talk but have difficulty understanding the words?

Do long conversations make you feel tired or irritable?

Do people seem to mumble or speak more softly than they used to?

Do you need to ask people to repeat things frequently?

Do you piece together the meaning of speech without hearing all the words?

Are you turning up the volume on the radio or TV above where others listen?

Is it difficult to converse on the phone or your cell phone?

Is it very difficult to hear when background noise is present?

Have you had any significant noise exposure at work, recreation or in military service?

Do you have difficulty following dialog at the movies or in a theatre?

Is it easier to understand men's voices than women's?

Has anyone close to you suggested that you might have a hearing problem?

Many people can answer yes to at least one question. But if you can answer yes to two or more, it's time for a more thorough investigation. Our hearing professionals can give you an in-depth analysis of your hearing abilities and options. Please contact us for your free hearing test.


Hearing Evaluations

A thorough hearing evaluation can determine whether you have a hearing impairment. Once you know the nature and extent of your hearing loss, you will be able to make decisions about treatment. At Essential Hearing Services, we provide accurate assessments by qualified hearing care professionals, who can help find a solution to your hearing difficulties. These services are performed at no cost to you.

A hearing evaluation is just one of the hearing healthcare services we provide. Essential Hearing Services offers our clients a complete range of products and services and is capable of a complete treatment from beginning to end.

Baseline audiograms

Hearing loss counseling

Hearing aid fittings, verification, adjustments, and repairs

Free Worker's Compensation (WSIB) & DVA applications and claims

Personal FM systems fittings and repairs and accessory sales

Sales of hearing aid batteries and accessories

Custom fit hearing protection

Custom fit sleeper molds, swim molds, and musician plugs

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