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Comfortable Hearing Aids

"I love my new ReSound hearing aids. From the moment I put them in my ears I knew that they would make a huge difference in my life. The hearing aids are very small and very comfortable. The sounds that I hear are clear. I had forgotten about sounds such as the crackling of the newspaper, the sound that my feet make when I walk on the rug amongst many. With special devices the new technology of Bluetooth allows the sounds from my iPhone and the TV to come directly into my hearing aids. It has made a real difference when making phone calls and following conversations on TV. I am very grateful to Essential Hearing Services to have introduced these great hearing aids to me and for the excellent service that they provide."

Denise G.


Quality Aids

"As the husband I appreciate ReSound because I don't have to repeat what I have said constantly. Thank you ReSound."

Neil G.


Great Consultations

"Jon is excellent at explaining things and I can go in any time and get good service. You get the best attention there. He cares about all of his patients. I advise anybody that needs a hearing aid to go there. You won't be sorry."

Delores C.



"I am delighted to provide an account of my experience with Jon and Abby at Essential Hearing (Services). At the urging of my family who were tired of repeating everything several times with raised voices, I reluctantly went to see about new hearing aids. I had previously purchased "state of the art" hearing aids about 8 years ago. They were constantly being sent away for repairs and I gave up and stopped wearing them. When Jon placed the sample pair in my ears at my first appointment, I heard sounds that I hadn't heard for years. “I am so thrilled with joining the land of the hearing, that recently at a 70th open house birthday party for a friend, I found myself surrounded by fellow "hearing aid souls" showing off and advocating the "Pulse" hearing aids I am now wearing. The hearing devices are so comfortable that I have forgotten I was wearing them at times. Thanks again Jon and Abby."

Clay L.


I Can Hear Again

"You don't know what you're missing. For the past few years, I never realized how many conversations I missed out on. Unless people were speaking directly in front of me, the words were unintelligible. If they were behind me or in another room I was completely unaware of what was being said. Funny though how you can bluff your way through, hoping you are contributing to the conversation with just the right words or answers. What a difference Hearing Essential has made. Through the efforts of caring staff, I was fitted with two almost invisible hearing aids. Conversation became clear as a bell. T.V. no longer had to have the volume excessively loud. My new hearing aids are definitely an asset I should have looked into years before. I am pleased I finally took this most beneficial step."

Wayne M.


Great Sound Quality

"I had been wearing hearing aids for over 4 years. Previously, the hearing aids I purchased elsewhere gave me nothing but grief. When I was fitted by Jon at Essential Hearing with my new hearing aids, the sound quality was incredibly natural - so natural, that I forget they are in my ears!"

Carl G.


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